Each of our marquees can be fitted with our range of flooring options. We are happy to discuss the most suitable style for your event.

Coir Carpet Tiles & Parquetry Dance Floor

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have a short pile enabling a comfortable surface on which to walk, or even dance.
Generally this style of carpet is laid on a timber sub-floor to enable an even and sturdy surface.
Available in either black or coir (sisal colour) deliver a refined finish to any marquee.

Vinyl Floorboard - Rustic

Vinyl Floorboards

Providing the appearance of timber floorboards, this is a sophisticated and versatile flooring option, also suitable for use as a dance floor. Similar to carpet, it is laid on a timber sub-floor.
Our vinyl floorboards are offered in two colours, rustic (natural) or white limewash.
This premium quality floor provides a distinctive appearance to complement your venue.

Timber Floor with Varnished Walnut Finish

Timber Flooring

Raised Timber Floor – Plywood is used to create a subfloor base on which to lay carpet. The floor is generally 17-50mm high following the lay of the land allowing any surface water to run underneath the marquee. The plywood is unfinished in appearance and referred to as raised timber floor (RTF). RTF is not a suitable as a stand-alone floor surface.

Walnut Finish – We also stock plywood coated with a walnut coloured varnish that is commonly used for dance floors. This can be laid throughout the entire marquee as a full timber floor or installed as a dance floor only.

Black Carpet Tiles & Parquetry Dance Floor

Dance Floors

Walnut FinishAs described above, this varnished plywood provides a versatile and hard waring dance surface.

ParquetryA high quality traditional style dance floor with a protective coating. Parquetry flooring is laid in 0.9m x 0.9m units and finished with an aluminium edge to provide a smooth transition from the surrounding floor surface. In most circumstance we recommend installing parquetry flooring on a carpet tile surface.

Black & White ProFloor – Large Chequered Pattern


A versatile lightweight and robust flooring solution with a non-slip surface. Profloor can be used in a variety of ways in event situations; fully flooring the marquee, “back of house catering”, outdoor walkways and as general ground protection from pedestrian traffic. Profloor is available in, black, white or grey, and in combination with one-another. When installed throughout the marquee Profloor is also suitable as dance floor surface.

Custom Built Merbau Timber Decking & Rails


We have a range of pine and merbau decking used to cover the external area of marquees. Decking can provide a distinctive and stylish entrance to your marquee. Decks are custom built in a variety of sizes and can also be used to create walkways.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass

We stock rolls of synthetic grass in 6m x 1.8m lengths. This soft floor covering follows the contours and lay of the land and is most suitable for casual styled events.

Integrated Cassette Timber Flooring

Integrated/Cassette Floor

An engineered flooring system designed to provide a perfectly level floor and enhanced by a stained timber finish. This style of flooring can also be incorporated with our glass walling and door system.