Clearspan Structure

This gable end style of marquee provides a high ceiling height allowing a spacious venue. A sturdy and strong marquee that can be installed in a variety of locations due to the ability to withstand strong wind and weather conditions. Our range of structures is available in 6m, 10m, 12m and 15m widths all of which can be installed in multiple lengths.

6m x 10m Clearspan Structure

White Structure

Clearspan Structures are generally installed with white roofs. Side wall sections can be clear or white vinyl. We stock both translucent and block-out roofs. White translucent roofs allow natural light to pass through and are ideal for day time functions. Block-out roofs can be useful for AV production.

Clearspan Structure with Custom Installation

Clear Roof Structure

The clear roofs create a spectacular atmosphere for events, especially at night. Lighting reflections can be wonderful under clear roofs. Surrounding trees or buildings can also be up-lit to add to the effect.

12m Clearspan Structure - Black Vinyl

Black Structure

A number of our structures have black vinyl roofs and side wall sections. Combined with creative lighting, the black marquee can make a great ambiance for parties. Black side walls can also be combined with clear or white roofs.

15m Clearspan Structure - Flat White Liner & Chandeliers


We use a sophisticated roof liner system enabling the installation of taut, flat style roof liners. White roof liners are often backlit to create a soft wash of light throughout the roof of the marquee. Liners create a distinctive appearance for the structures. Wall liners can also be installed in front of walls that are not clear vinyl. Liners are available in both black and white.

12m x 8m Stage Cover

Stage Cover

Clearspan structures are the most suitable style of marquee to be used as a stage cover. Different widths are available depending on the size of stage required. Installed with one gable end open allows an uninterrupted view of the stage and audience alike.