Pole Marquee

This beautiful and traditional style of marquee characterised by its centre poles and peaked roof line. A stunning marquee complimented by a garden or country environment. These marquees are always secured with pegs and guy ropes. The guy ropes are a thick white rope that are kept with the marquee so are clean and visible.

12m x 12m Pole Marquee - Walls Off


Pole marquees are 12m wide and built in 6m long increments with a centre pole located at each 6m mark. A 12m x 12m Pole marquee can comfortable seat 100/120 guests at a dinner event and up-to 160 at a cocktail party, whereas the largest 12m x 36m could seat 300/320 or as many as 450 at a cocktail party.

Pole Marquee - Ecru Roof Liner, Sides Open


The roof and wall liners in this style of marquee are an ecru (champagne) colour. These elegant flat style liners further enhance the interior appearance of the marquee.

12m x 36m Pole Marquee with Right Angles – Collingwood Children's Farm

Right Angle

The pole marquee also has the unique ability to have a “right angle” section in the marquee, as pictured here. This can offer a distinctive look to your event space and create a dedicated zone, such as pre-dinner drinks, dance floor, or lounge area.